10 Top Text Analytics Companies In USA 2021

Text Analytics Companies
Text Analytics Companies

Get the best text analytics companies at your fingertips in this article. These companies will give you greater engagement and results by going through the huge accumulation of comments, reviews, blogs and more amidst the chaos of social media.

Text analytics companies will search for patterns and trends in behaviours of the consumers that are there in various textual platforms. The ultimate data results produced by these companies will help you better design your brand products and leverage your targeted customers.

List of 10 Best Text Analytics Companies in USA

  • MindBridge
  • Algorithmia
  • teX-ai.com
  • Digit
  • MonkeyLearn
  • Stackin
  • Kira
  • Quid
  • ConginitiveScale
  • Clarabridge

As there are plenty of companies out there that claim to be the best, decisions can be difficult. After researching a great deal, here are the top 10 text analytics companies you need.


Deriving insights from text data is always messy and difficult but with the AI-based text analytics software of teX.ai, it is now as easy as breathing. Get your text analytics software for text extraction, summarization, and classification in teX.ai. You can even schedule a demo with the experts who will open your eyes to various latent potentials of your business. Be it NPL, Artificial Intelligence expertise or deep learning this company has it all.

Their business range covers e-commerce, manufacturing, legal to BFSI. It uses sophisticated AI, DL algorithms and NPL to process the SaaS-based solution. The actionable insights of teX.ai increases the customer engagement. As it has cross domain functionality it is not limited to any specific domain.


As you scale you can do precise works because the AI layer will be abstracting your models from infrastructure. Customers have been much pleased with its fast working pace. It is cloud-based and works for producing AI or machine learning algorithms. The API used by them are NPL and face detection.

This company can work on any cloud organization. It has open API, algorithms library, language compatibility and customizable security and is compatible with web-based, Windows and Mac. It helps build a user-friendly application. Complex machine learning is clearly and easily solved by the committed professionals and the value delivered on time and budget.


MindBridge offers machine learning and AI, data analysis (100%), redefining reasonable assurance, detention of error and anomaly, results in a few hours, zero training/scripting. YOu can choose any industry among audit and insurance, corporate finance, financial services and government.

It helps organize and deliver the client’s rapid value with deeper insights. You can also watch a 5-minute demo about their work method. You can leave your heavy lifting data with MindBridge and they will provide you the value in lightning speed.


If you have problems organizing and saving money then Digit will do it for you. It will assess your spendings and save money automatically according to it. You can share your goals for saving money and Digit will put away money calculating the rest of the expenditure.

You do not need to alter your lifestyle because the Digit algorithms will decide the amount of money that should be put away or whether it is time to take a break. Your data will be secured by 256-bit encryption which is also used as military security. Another convenient fact is that Digit will let you use it free for 30 days and then charge only 5$/month.


Their best features include easy to learn API, fast delivery of value (within hours), great models of text analysis, integration method, well-documented API and very flexible and user friendly. You can analyze your open-ended responses (in survey data) through MonkeyLearning.

You can even attend the webinars which simplify and help you understand the basics. Their customer service is very dedicated and admirable. The team member will clear any doubt you have. You can set and use it without the need of experts because of its easy integrations. MonkeyLearning will help you analyze data manually quickly by automating the business workflows.


Stacking helps you personalize your money advice. It will send you money tips that are easy to understand and apply. There will neither be any calls from the bank nor any awkward visit. You can get your money switch improved from the comfort of your home. You can learn about proper investing here and will be able to grow your money.

Your data is valuable and secured by bank-level security. Your data will be encrypted with the cipher that is used in the NSA (national security agency). NSA is also used for top-secret information. Stackin’ will give you better advice about saving/investing money. You can text with the members who are always there to support you.


Do you want help with uncovering what is important and what values in contracts and documents? Then Kira is a one-stop solution for you. Kira is a contract analysis software (AI powered) that will highlight and extract significant provisions automatically. It will also organize your data for better analysis.

Kira will first import your files, process and analyze. Then it will search and review and only after that it will release exports. As you can see, the process is very thorough. Kira will identify your clauses, provisions, data points and also clear your doubts by answering your complex business questions. You can participate in webinars, read the blogs and choose from various solutions.


Quid specializes in leading AI tech which visualizes the text. The results are visually stunning and complemented by the clients when reviewing the insights. The inputs and outputs delivered by Quid prove it to be a very flexible platform. The Quid blog data and the database of media are quite extensive. Clients can also upload their own content for visualization.

Quid also offers an automated segment of topics which is around a broadband/industry conversation. It helps you get a better view of the balanced and deeper output of the mobility industry. The quid team is very supportive and helpful. It is widely ranged to multi networks for generating visualization.


ConginitiveScale is a provider of award-winning software products. It administers a unique class of large data interpretation and cognitive cloud software. The machines that imply decisive methods, enriched employee productivity and upgraded customer engagement are also supplied by this company.

You can learn cortec certifai which expands the build of the business enhances the trustworthy digital system. It organizes user experiences and drives the rapid value with the help of scalable AI deployments. In the process, it also increases operational productivity. ConginitiveScale comprises NPL (natural language processing) and AI together to get the value out of the structured and unstructured data.


Clarabridge assists in growing sales, increasing efficiency and ensuring compliances with the artificial intelligence platform. Clarabridge captures all the data from your online engagements and lets you connect immediately to get every source of feedback. Know what is effective for your application through various customer segments.

You can leverage customers digitally without compromising on product quality. You also get to run multiple channels (social and digital) in under a week. Clarabridge delivers the best innovative insights with the help of experience in designing industry-recognized first-class text and speech analytics.


As you can see, the above mentioned 10 text analytics companies have the best customer services, security, AI expertise and advanced experiences in this field. They are worth your time and money. Engage with your customers more methodically and successfully grow your business.


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